Thursday, October 17, 2013

Microsoft's Remote Desktop Client for iOS is available!

Last week Microsoft announced the upcoming RDP clients for iOS, OSX and android. Also see Microsoft to introduce Remote Desktop app for iOS, OS X and Android!

The RDP client for iOS is now available and can be downloaded from the store. This blog post is a first glance at the client.


A server URL can be specified

image (4)

And a RD gateway server can be specified as well

image (5)

The client can also be used to retrieve resources by specifying a URL, this the same (RD Web Access) url that is used by the Control Panel RADC applet as well as the Modern UI Remote Desktop client.

image (6)

After logging we have a RDP session available (in my case on an i-Phone)

image (2)

Which also contains a on screen keyboard

image (8)

I’ll write a more detailed blog post once I;ve had a chance to play with it some more. But so far, it looks great!

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  1. I tried playing with this yesterday on an ipad but it wasn't obvious how to spin our /rdweb URL on the internet into the configuration information it needs.

    And before someone says LMGTFY, I did and it drew a blank!