Wednesday, July 12, 2017

RDS modern infrastructure and HTML5 for RDS announced!

Within the RDS MVP group we had already discussed this, and the information is now public! I’m super excited about this step!

RDS modern infrastructure is announced!

“…The RDS modern infrastructure components provide functionality that extends the current RD Web Access, RD Gateway, and RD Connection Broker services, as well as adding a new RD Diagnostics service. The RDS modern infrastructure components are implemented as .NET Web Services enabling a wide variety of deployment options. For example:

Both single and multi-tenant deployments, making smaller deployments (less than 100 users) much more economically viable, while providing the necessary security of tenant isolation

Deployments on Microsoft Azure, on-premises equipment, and hybrid configurations

Virtual machines or Azure App Services can be used for deployment

Azure App Services, part of Azures Platform-as-a-Service environment, simplifies the deployment and management of the RDS modern infrastructure because it abstracts the details of the virtual machines, networking, and storage. This simplifies administrative tasks like configuring scale out/in of a service to dynamically and automatically handle fluctuating usage patterns…”

And also, HTML5 for Remote Desktop Services is coming!

“…The web client, combined with the other RDS modern infrastructure features, allows many Windows applications to be easily transformed into a Web-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application without having to rewrite a line of code…”

More details will be shared in today’s session at Microsoft Inspire.


Afbeeldingsresultaat voor remote desktop


  1. Very cool, I look forward to not having to use other tool!

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  7. Hi Freek, where can i send feedback. There are multiple problems/issues to report. Example: i´m not able to send a @ character into the session nor use any characters need in coding that need ALT-GR+key for e.g. {,[,],} and so.
    Installation was easy as a cake. Nice step into the right direction!

  8. How do I get started with the public preview? Is this available yet? Can't wait!