Friday, August 23, 2013

Kemp announces FREE software load balancer for Windows Azure!

Kemp Technologies ( have announced the availability of a free software load balancer specifically for Azure!

Why is this important?

The Azure load balancing options that Windows Azure offers today are very basic. Basically its just round robin. Which means no layer 7 functionality is available, and therefor there is no option for affinity, content switching, compression etc.

I have previously performed some testing with the load balancing options available in Azure today, and ran into serious issues where Session Affinity was required by the web application.

The Kemp Load Master for Azure solution could solve those issues with a license free software load balancer that even includes e-mail support!

Here is a link where Kemp announced this:

My request for the Free LoadMaster for Azure is on it’s way!

A quick comparison sheet taken from their description:



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