Tuesday, February 2, 2016

BriForum 2015 session video on Azure RemoteApp publically available!

Could not attend BriForum 2015 last year? Attendees already had access to the content, but as of today, all the videos from last year's BriForum conferences are publically available! Between BriForum 2015 London and Denver, 83 session videos were produced with more than 100 hours of content!

This includes the session Benny Tritsch and I presented on Azure RemoteApp. Check out the recording here:


Obviously some topics in the session are already out dated since there have been many continuous development cycles of Azure RemoteApp in the mean time, but who know, you might see us present an updated version this year!

Unfolding the Azure RemoteApp Magic

Instead of using virtual desktops, many users just want their remote apps embedded in their local desktops. Microsoft Azure RemoteApp (ARA) allows users to run Windows programs hosted on Azure side-by-side with their local programs. This makes Azure RemoteApp programs appear as if they were running on the user’s local PC or tablet. In this session, Freek and Benny dive deep into Azure RemoteApp. They will start by explaining the underlying concepts and demonstrating a cloud-based (quick) deployment. In addition, they cover the more advanced Hybrid Deployment including setting up connectivity to on-premises servers as well as creating custom templates. A particular highlight of the session is the advanced part, discussing Azure RemoteApp performance, auto-sizing, limitations, and tips & tricks. Other topics covered are pricing, licensing and SLAs. Come and see the session and allow two Microsoft RDS MVPs to guide you through the magic behind Azure RemoteApp!
  • Getting familiar with the Azure Remote App concept, the scenarios and it’s limitations
  • Get experience into setting up Cloud- as well as Hybrid Deployments of Azure RemoteApp
  • Gain insight into the more advanced topics of Azure RemoteApp and learn tips & tricks
  • Familiarizing with the licensing options, pricing and SLA