Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Azure Saturday Munich - recap!

On May 18th I presented a session at the Azure Saturday Event, hosted at the Microsoft HQ in Munich. I have presented there in the past, and it was great to be back again this year. Over 400 attendees attended this year’s event! Huge thanks and shout out to the organizers Benjamin Abt (@Abt_Benjamin), Thomas Janetscheck (@azureandbeyond) and Max Melcher (@maxmelcher) for their unlimited energy to make this event an awesome experience!

The organizers kicked off the event in the mail hall of the Microsoft building.

Chris Heilmann opened the event with a keynote session on Building human interfaces powered by AI.

After that I presented my session on Windows Virtual Desktop. I covered the scenarios, use cases and technical architecture and performed a live demo of admin and end user experience. I got a great crowd! Lot’s of interest of Windows Virtual Desktop and great interaction during and after the session. Thanks everyone who joined my session!

With over 400 attendees, 26 sessions and 30 speakers it was an amazing community event! I hope to be back next year and hope to see you there!