Tuesday, March 8, 2011

RemoteFX to connect to Remote Desktop Session Hosts

Interesting post by Brian Madden about RemoteFX on Remote Desktop Services (Terminal Services). We've been hearing about RemoteFX for some time now. In most cases it was all about Windows 7 VM's running on a Hyper-V environment in scenarios where VDI was used. Brian Madden shines a light on RemoteFX in combination with Remote Desktop Session Hosts. Some Snippets below.

For the full article see here: Can you connect to a Terminal Server via RemoteFX? Yes!

"...On the plus side, Microsoft has announced that certain partners will eventually release host-side hardware-based RemoteFX encoder cards that will offload the RemoteFX encoding. Those cards will work with both RemoteFX for Win7 VDI VMs on Hyper-V and Terminal Servers with no GPUs. Microsoft isn't talking about those cards too much today, but we can assume that they'll both lower the overall CPU load and provide a better overall user experience..."

"...In case you're wondering, the unofficial reason that RemoteFX will work with a Terminal Server natively is actually related to Microsoft MultiPoint Server. The story is that in order to get the ASIC-based MultiPoint thin client cost point as low as possible, Microsoft had to enable RemoteFX for Terminal Server. (MultiPoint is based on Terminal Server.)..."

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