Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My first article at VirtualizationAdmin.com

Today my first article at VirtualizationAdmin.com was published. You can read the introduction of the article below. Use the link to read the complete article!

Printing in Microsoft RDS environments and how it evolved in todays technology

"...As you might know RDS stands for Remote Desktop Services, previously known as Terminal Services and designed to have multiple user sessions hosted on a single server. Now it is called Session Virtualization. These sessions have grown out to becoming complete local desktop replacements. What activity is one of the most frequent user actions on a desktop? Exactly, printing!
Therefore, whether to allow printing from a session is not the question. The question is how to configure it in the most convenient way from the end-users perspective and easy to maintain from the administrators perspective. In this article, we’ll discuss printing in Microsoft RDS environments, what printing from a remote session was like in the past and how it evolved in today’s technology..."

Read the complete article here:

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