Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Windows Server 2012 Remote Desktop Services, by Klaas Langhout, a Director of Program Management in the RDS team

Yesterday a blog post by Klaas Langhout, a Director of Program Management in the Microsoft RDS team was published on A blog post on behalf of the entire Remote Desktop Virtualization Team. A good read!

“…For Windows Server 2012 we listened to our customers and partners and added the most desired features and resolved the top pain points in Remote Desktop Services (RDS). Following a description of RDS, I’ll summarize some of the many dramatic improvements we have made.
For those people that are not familiar with
RDS, it is the workload within Windows Server that enables users to connect to virtual desktops, session-based desktops and RemoteApp programs. The key value that RDS provides is the ability to centralize and control the applications and data that employees need to perform their job from the variety of devices that the employee uses. This provides “work anywhere from any device” while ensuring that your control and compliance needs are met.
In the previous release, we received consistent feedback that:

  1. RemoteFX was very popular however its underlying protocol (RDP) did not provide a great experience over Wide Area Networks (WANs)
  2. Session and virtual machine infrastructures were complicated and costly and
  3. The administration experience was not simple.

Windows Server 2012 addresses each of these issues….”

Read the complete blog post here:

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