Friday, September 21, 2012

Running a Windows Server 2012 Remote Desktop Services environment on Azure



I recently set up a trial account for Azure. The trial allows you to explore the new possibilities and create Virtual Machines, Websites and other Cloud services. Get your trial account here:

Deploying new Virtual Machines is a matter of minutes. I deployed a set of 9 virtual machines running Window Server 2012 in no time. After deployment you can immediately access and manage the VM's using RDP and the machine is also accessible using a automatically created DNS name (ending on



Before deploying the machines I created a new virtual network to allow communication between the virtual machines.


On the Virtual Machines I deployed a complete Virtual Desktop Infrastructure environment serving a Session-Based Desktop Deployment.

After setting up the necessary endpoints to allow communication over port 443 to the RD Gateway and port 443 to the RD Connection Broker. The environment was accessible from my client.


Accessing the environment on my client running Windows 8 even created a full Single Sign On to all my published Remote Apps and Remote Desktop seamlessly integrated on my client.


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