Friday, December 7, 2012

Customizing the RDCB HA client Access DNS name using PowerShell on Windows Server 2012

After setting on High Availability for the RD Connection Broker role the RDCB HA client Access DNS name can be viewed using the Server Manager, however, this value is read-only.

In order to change this value we can use PowerShell and make use of the command
Parameter Set: __AllParameterSets
Set-RDClientAccessName [[-ConnectionBroker] <String> ] [-ClientAccessName] <String> [ <CommonParameters>]

For an example how to view the current name and change it, see the powershell commands below. Note that all RD Connection broker servers have to be running in order to change this value.

The value is now successfully changed and visible in the Remote Desktop Management Service (RDMS) Server Manager Console;


  1. Thank you for posting this... i was searching for a few days looking for this and couldn't find it.. i should have searched for RDCB instead of remote desktop session broker server 2012 change farm dns name

  2. Thanks Chris, glad you like it. I'll add "remote desktop session broker server 2012" to the keywords of this blog post.

  3. How would you go about changing the DatabaseConnectionString parameter? I am trying to plan for site failover for my 2012 vdi solution. I would need to make the HA connection broker db available on another sql server in another DC. I plan to replicate my sql db/log to another datacenter and attach the db/log files to the other sql server.