Thursday, March 7, 2013

RDV Team: Microsoft VDI vs. VMware View: Freedom of Choice

Adam Carter, the technical product manager for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) wrote a great blog post on the overall value that session-based and virtual machine-based desktop deployment provides in response to a datasheet by VMware.

“…Our approach to VDI is fundamentally different from VMware’s, primarily because we believe in providing choices to our customers. Unlike VMware, Microsoft can deliver VDI functionality in 3 different ways:

  • Session-based desktop deployment (Remote Desktop Session Host, formerly known as Terminal Server)
  • Virtual machine-based desktop deployment using pooled virtual desktops
  • Virtual machine-based desktop deployment using personal virtual desktops

As each solution has its pros and cons, a single console management experience for all three means that you can choose to mix and match experiences for your users depending on their needs…”

Microsoft delivers VDI functionality in three ways


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