Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Release of LoginVSI 4


LoginVSI version 4 will be officially released soon!. Through the LoginVSI VIP program the new release was already send to me last week. I upgraded my lab running version 3.7 to 4 and I must say the installation went very smooth.

The management console has been completely restyled and looks very “modern UI”


You now have the ability to create several phases per test.


During the test the management console shows an overview of the running test.


And also new is a Session Monitor containing information on the session currently running.


If error occur during the test the management console immediately informs you about this with a link to a log file that contains a detailed description.


The Analyser now shows more details about the test which improves the readability.


Besides these changes, the test image footprint of Login VSI has been reduced, a new benchmarking mode enforces strict testing standards and the workloads have been improved to better reflect real world user behavior

The new version obviously requires some more testing to do more a detailed review, but so far the changes in version 4 are impressive!

Watch for the official launch !

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