Wednesday, February 12, 2014

KB: Print jobs are lost when you use Remote Desktop Services printer redirection in Windows Server 2012

A new KB article (2925429) has been released in regards to print jobs getting lost on RDS 2012.

“…Consider the following scenario:

  • You have a Windows Server 2012-based server that is running Remote Desktop Services.
  • You have a client that is running Windows 8.
  • You install an XPS-based printer driver to print to a local XPS printer on the Windows 8 client.
  • You disable the Remote Desktop Easy Print Group Policy setting on the Remote Desktop Services server and then install the XPS-based printer driver.
  • You redirect printing to the local XPS printer on the client.
  • You connect to the Remote Desktop Services server that uses the redirected printer and confirm that the redirected printer on the server is using the XPS-based printer driver and not the Remote Desktop Easy Print printer driver.
  • You try to print a job.

In this scenario, the print job is lost, and nothing is printed…”

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