Friday, November 7, 2014

MVP Summit 2014

This week I’ve been in Redmond attending the Microsoft Global MVP Summit. It’s an invitation-only event where Microsoft MVP’s are being invited to come over to the Microsoft Campus to join to various Product Teams to discuss the current state and future of their technology expertise. Obviously there are various technical breakout sessions from overview sessions to deep dives, but the best part about MVP Summit is meeting the Product Team and fellow MVP’s in person to discuss current challenges, future releases and provide feedback to the product members in person. Since I’m under NDA I cannot disclose any of the content presented and discussed there, but the Microsoft Desktop Virtualization space has an interesting future ahead! You can expect more details as soon as we’re allowed to share them!
Thanks to everyone at Microsoft for arranging this event, and special thanks to Benjamin Meister, our RDS MVP Community lead!


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