Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Now publicly available: Creating Azure RemoteApp templates using Azure IaaS!

Another great release on the Azure RemoteApp platform! Just a few days ago we had the release of the ability to manage Azure RemoteApp using Powershell. And today another big improvement we have been waiting for:

We can now create Azure RemoteApp Template images using Azure Infrastructure as a service (IaaS). This is a huge step in the process of simplifying the procedure to add a custom image containing your custom applications!

Little background info, a Azure RemoteApp collection can be created using two options in regards to the template image. You can use one of the pre-created template images that Microsoft supplies (and maintains) containing a default set of applications, or you can create and use your own image to be able to publish custom (LOB) applications. Prior to today, the only way to provide your own image was to create it locally and then upload it to Azure. Depending on the available bandwidth this could take hours to complete! Why not leverage Azure IaaS and use the Azure template image library? This is exactly what’s now available!

We as RDS MVPs have been able to play with the option in a private beta, but its publicly available as of now!

Check out the details in the annoucement the RDS Product team just did here:
How to create a RemoteApp template image in Azure

Big compliment for the Remote Desktop Team!


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