Tuesday, April 7, 2015

March update to Azure RemoteApp

imageThe Remote Desktop (Azure RemoteApp) team released a blog post containing an overview of the new features and capabilities for Azure RemoteApp! Talk about continuous development !



  • Ability to create a custom image from an Azure VM, read full blog post.
  • PowerShell modules and SDK for Azure RemoteApp Management, read full blog post.
  • Australia region now available, read full blog post.
  • Office O365 platform image was updated with March Windows Server 2012 R2 software updates.
  • iOS client was updated to version 8.1.7 resolving third party keyboard issues and adding additional languages (8.1.8 was released today and changes some telemetry behavior).
  • Android BETA client was updated to version 8.1.7 resolving issues with Android 4.0 and a few bugs.
  • Windows Phone client was updated to version 8.1.9 resolving issues with some RD Gateways.
  • Mac client was updated to version 8.0.15 resolving issues with <ALT> key and international keyboards.
  • Fixed issue using non-US locales that would cause collection creation failures, read more.
  • Two Azure RemoteApp site updates to accommodate all the changes on March 5th and 25th.

Following documentation was released and updated:

Source: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/rds/archive/2015/04/07/march-update-to-azure-remoteapp.aspx

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