Friday, September 11, 2015

New preconfigured RDSH image available for Azure RemoteApp & RDS on Azure IaaS to include Office 365 ProPlus installation

Starting from March 17 2015 Azure RemoteApp started to support using Azure IaaS to create a Azure RemoteApp template image. For details on that see: Now publicly available: Creating Azure RemoteApp templates using Azure IaaS!

Later, Microsoft also created an base RDSH Template image in Azure IaaS called “Windows Server Remote Desktop Session Host Windows Server 2012 R2”. This image already contains all off the requirements for a Azure RemoteApp template image, and could also be used for RDS in Azure IaaS scenario’s. An ideal starting point for both scenarios.

Recently, Microsoft announced the availability of another base template image called “Windows Server Remote Desktop Session Host with Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus”.

This image is also optimized for Azure RemoteApp and Azure IaaS, and inside this template image Microsoft has installed Office 365 ProPlus including the necessary Shared Activation configuration. If you’re looking at deploying Office 365 ProPlus inside Azure RemoteApp or RDS in Azure IaaS, this new template image is the best starting point!


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