Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Microsoft releases the Remote Desktop assistant

Microsoft released a small tool called the "Microsoft Remote Desktop assistant". For the average user it's sometimes unclear what exact steps to take to configure for example a home computer to allow Remote Access using RDP from another device, tablet et cetera. The Microsoft Remote Desktop assistant simplifies this proces. The Remote Desktop assistant configures Remote Connections, opens the Firewall ports needed and provides an easy link that other devices can use to set up the Remote Connection.

The installation is an easy to install Click Once application

After you accept the license terms you are ready to setup up Remote Access

Once the configuration is completed you will be provided with a several options that allow easy setup of the client.

In this case I saved the configuration file and send that via email to my phone. Opening the link on my phone results in opening the Microsoft Remote Desktop Client (available in the AppStore) and after entering credentials I'm able to connect.

The Remote Desktop assistant allows easy configuration of Remote Sessions using RDP in home scenario's.


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