Monday, April 4, 2016

Estimating Azure RemoteApp network bandwidth usage

imageMicrosoft updated some articles for guidance on estimating Azure RemoteApp network bandwidth usage.

”…Azure RemoteApp uses the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) to communicate between applications running in the Azure cloud and your users. This article provides some basic guidelines you can use to estimate that network usage and potentially evaluate network bandwidth usage per Azure RemoteApp user.

Estimating bandwidth usage per user is very complex and requires running multiple applications simultaneously in multitasking scenarios where applications might impact each other's performance based on their demand for network bandwidth. Even the type of Remote Desktop client (such as Mac client versus HTML5 client) can lead to different bandwidth results. To help you work through these complications, we'll break the usage scenarios into several of the common categories to replicate real-world scenarios. (Where the real-world scenario is, of course, a mix of categories and differs by user.)

Before we go further - note that we assume RDP provides a good to excellent experience for most usage scenarios on networks with latency below 120 ms and bandwidth over 5 MBs - this is based on RDP's ability to dynamically adjust by using the available network bandwidth and the estimated application bandwidth needs. This article goes beyond those "most usage scenarios" to look at the edge, where scenarios begin to unwind and user experience begins to degrade.

Now check out the following articles for the details, including factors to consider, baseline recommendations, and what we did not include in our estimates…”

Source & more info:

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