Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Presented a session at E2EVC in Orlando, Florida on RDS, ARM, JSON and stroopwafels!

Last week, right after Citrix Synergy, Alex Cooper hosted yet another awesome edition of the Experts 2 Experts Virtualization conference (E2EVC) in Orlando, Florida! If you’re not familiar with the event, please check out e2evc.com. It’s a vendor neutral, virtualization conference focusing on all that is related to End User Computing covering topics like RDS, VDI, RemoteApp, Application Virtualization and munch more. Sessions are presented by the community, and because of the vendor neutral approach, you’ll see a good mix of sessions related to Microsoft, Citrix, VMWare, Parallels and many other products as well.

This is what Alex says about E2EVC;

"...E2EVC Virtualization Conference Events is a series of worldwide non-commercial, virtualization community Events. Our main goal is to bring the best virtualization experts together to exchange knowledge and to establish new connections. E2EVC is crammed with presentations, Master Classes and discussions delivered by both virtualization vendors product teams and independent experts. Over 50 of the best virtualization community experts present their topics..."

Last week the Orlando edition was on the agenda. I presented a session Azure Resource manager, JSON Templates and doing a fully automated deployment of RDS running on Azure IaaS. The session was entitled:

Grab a Stroopwafel while we watch ARM do an automated RDS deployment in Azure IaaS

The idea behind the session was to perform the ARM deployment live on stage while enjoying a stroopwafel J. And so, I actually brought stroopwafels for the entire audience. The deployment finished successfully within 31 minutes. After the deployment was completed I did a demo of the end result, an entire HA RDS deployment running on Azure IaaS including things like Load Balancing, SQL Server, SSL certificates, publishing RemoteApps, branding RD Web Access, configuring RD Gateway Policies and much more!

Thanks, everyone who attended my session! Thanks, Alex for hosting an awesome community event, and thanks to the all the sponsors including Nvidia, Citrix and ControlUp!

Start of the session while all attendees enjoyed a stroopwafel :)clip_image002

2 slides from the deck I presented to give you an idea about what the JSON template creates.clip_image004clip_image006

E2EVC will publish the recording of the session on their you tube channel.If you have questions on the content, need help with creating JSON templates, feel free to reach out!

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