Thursday, June 15, 2023

Bicep param files now available, upgrade to v0.18.4!


You might have seen my post a few days ago on Bicep parameter files. That was based on an experimental feature. Bicep version 0.18.4 is released now which, amongst other features and fixes, contains support for the new bicep parameter files!

Time to upgrade!

Besides the Bicep parameter files itself now being available, a couple of additional features are also included as part of it,

Similar functionality we’ve had before, decompiling ARM Templates into Bicep templates, is now also available parameters files. Simply right-click a parameters file based on JSON, and select Decompile into Bicepparams.

On a similar note, you can also select any Bicep template, right-click and select Generate Parameters File.

This option was there before, but you now have a new choice, generating bicepparam files!

Within the bicepparm file itself, you can now also use expressions using any functions in the sys namespace, for example we can use the uniqueString() function as shown below.

Bicepparam files are now also natively supported when deploying using Az CLI as well as PowerShell. For example, using Az CLI you can now pass bicepparm files as shown below.

As I mentioned in my previous post, having parameters files in ‘Bicep style’ was a very common request, and it’s great to now see it out there!

And finally, did you notice bicepparam files have their own icon? How cool is that!

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