Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Follow up: new features or improvements in future release RDS platform

Here's the followup on my post "What new features or improvements would you like to see in the next future release of Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Services platform?"

I promised to share the collection of the feedback that I got on posting this question in different online platforms. Apart from my personal suggestion's (see the original post) Here's the feedback that I got:

George Gardon • I would like to see Microsoft improving the performance of Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), which at times has trailed behind remote display protocols from other virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) vendors (like Citrix-ICA and VMware-PCoIP)
Faeq Sediqi • - Overall Performance - SSO should be simplified.
thomas • My personal suggestions are these:
1) Being able to sort the RemoteApp programs to Folders
2) Limit simultanious connections to an app to a specific number users without having to use security groups
3) An iPad / Andorid App supporting RemoteApps or WebApps
Emanuel Fernandes • more use of GPU capabilities on client machine, so using RDP for 3D rendering or Video Editing could boost more Small Business into Windows domains.
If you have any other suggestions or comments, feel free to add them!

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