Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Windows Thin PC (WinTPC) is available, boost for VDI and SBC implementations

Desktop Virtualization is becoming (if not already) more and more proven technology. Many organizations are exploring and implementing the possibilities of centrally storing their desktops and are using Microsoft techniques like VDI or Session Virtualization (Remote Desktop Services). A statement from Microsoft taken from the WinTPC whitepaper:

“…Some analysts predict that Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) may become a 1.7B market in 2014, with around 16M seats of VDI deployed at enterprises…”

With the desktop being hosted in the datacenter the next useful step is taking a look at the devices that end-users use to connect to the central environment. For a reasonable amount of those users, a fully blown desktop OS locally is not a requirement anymore. An option, of course, would be to replace those client PC’s with devices likes thin clients. The downside of this is of course the initial purchase of those all those extra thin clients. So why not reuse the existing clients and provide those clients with a small, secure and easy to maintain footprint of the Windows 7 operating system? This is where Microsoft’s Windows Thin PC (short WinTPC) comes in place!

Taken from the WinTPC whitepaper:

“…An Introduction to WinTPC
Windows Thin PC is a low footprint version of Windows 7, that enables organizations to repurpose their Windows 7 capable devices as thin clients. WinTPC enables organizations with an excellent thin client experience, through features of thin clients like write filters (preventing users from modifying the operating system), rich remote desktop experience with RemoteFX, and the familiar Windows 7 interface (reduced training). WinTPC has been designed to leverage existing management investments, since it integrates easily with System Center Configuration Manager. WinTPC is a benefit of Software Assurance (SA) and does not require the Windows VDA license that other thin clients require to access VDI desktops. This provides IT with significant cost savings for their thin client computing model, but still gives administrators the ability to have a locked down computing device. This also gives organizations the flexibility to postpone PC hardware refreshes while enjoying most of the benefits of Thin Client devices today…”

“…Features and Benefits of WinTPC
WinTPC enables organizations to enjoy the benefits of thin client computing on their existing PCs. In a nutshell, Windows Thin PC is designed to provide the following benefits to organizations:
1) Reduce the cost of VDI
2) Provide an excellent thin client experience
3) Enable enterprise ready manageability and security…”

I think WinTPC is a great way for SA customers to give the implementation of VDI and Session Virtualization (Remote Desktop Services) an extra boost!

More information on WinTPC here:

Download the WinTPC whitepaper here:

Download the 90-day trial here:

More questions on WinTPC? Get the FAQ here:

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