Friday, September 23, 2011

Microsoft acquires BHOLD technology assets

It has just been announced that Microsoft has acquired BHOLD technology assets! This will be a very interesting move towards Identity Management and the future of Forefront Identity Management (FIM).

"...Microsoft has acquired certain assets of BHOLD, a leading provider of identity and access governance functionality. BHOLD will continue as an independent entity. The terms of the deal will not be disclosed. Roadmap and licensing will be announced later..."

"...BHOLD’s product capabilities currently augment Forefront Identity Manager by adding identity and access governance functionality including in-depth role management, separation of duties, access certification, and authorization management. These capabilities help to ensure access controls are enforced and that customers meet their controls policies and obligations.
Today, customers use BHOLD’s capabilities to augment FIM by:
  • Managing access rights of people by role to achieve business goals while minimizing risk
  • Increasing end user productivity through self-service role management and access recertification
  • Aiding in risk management and GRC initiatives with respect to identities and their associated access rights..."

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