Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Remote Desktop Client in Windows 8 (version 6.2.8101, RDP 8.0)

I have installed the Windows Developer preview of Windows 8 (client) on my lab. Time to check what’s new in the Remote Desktop Client in Windows 8. See the first screenshot below. Besides some minor design changes the client seems to look the same.

When we take a look at the properties we see that it’s version is now 6.2.8101, and that the client now supports Remote Desktop Protocol 8.0. (This perfectly matches the naming of the OS of course J)

The only visual difference in the Remote Desktop Client is that there is a new option in the experience  tab. We now have the option to choose “Detect connection quality automatically”. This will grant us  some flexibility when it comes to connection speeds and performance.

A list of actual changes inside the Remote Desktop Protocol 8.0 isn’t available yet, but not doubt that it will be related to RemoteFX and better WAN performance. I.e. a recent article on ZDnet shows that RemoteFX will also be available in Remote Apps.
When you start a connection you now also have the option to authenticate using a LiveID and sync personal settings. This would, of course, require additional configuration on the destination server (or client) but Cloud-driven is the word that comes into mind here. Will it mean true User State Virtualization? Or in the Bring Your Own series; BYORP "Bring Your Own Roaming Profile". :-)

Next step will be Installing Windows Server 8 and checking what’s new in the various RDS roles.
To be continued….

UPDATE: Great presentation and slides on what's new in RDS in Windows 8 here:

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