Thursday, April 12, 2012

Expired passwords in RD WebAccess on Windows Server 8 revisited.

In one of my previous blog posts ( )I showed that Windows Server 8 (Beta) now also has a functionality to have a user reset his password using RD WebAccess.

In that blog post, I wrote that I was wondering whether the final release of Windows Server 8 would contain a link to that password reset page on the logon page itself to guide the user to the password reset page. I’ve done some editing, and it seems that it’s extremely easy to add this functionality yourself. This the line of text I added containing a link:

However, the real intention of this new password reset functionality seems to be the ability to have a user change his expired password. See the screenshot below. Notice that a notification text is added saying that the password has expired with a link to the password reset page! Great feature!

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