Thursday, April 26, 2012

New article: Prevent those unwanted applications from running in RDS

imageMy new article titled "Prevent those unwanted applications from running in RDS" on just got published. The article is about using Applocker on Remote Desktop Services.


These days Desktop Virtualization is a hot topic. Many service providers, system integrators and other companies provide some way of Desktop Virtualization to their end-users. This can be done by providing a set of Remote Applications (RemoteApps) or full desktops on Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) or Remote Desktop Service (RDS) environment or even a mix of these technologies. When it comes to publishing a full desktop (whether it is VDI (Desktop Virtualization) of RDS (Session Virtualization) you would want to have a method to allow users to only run applications that you authorized them to. Although this is absolutely important for both VDI and RDS scenarios you can imagine that enforcing such a policy is especially important in a RDS environment as you are sharing servers with multiple users..”

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