Thursday, June 21, 2012

New article: Troubleshooting RDS in Windows Server 2012


My new article titled "Troubleshooting RDS in Windows Server 2012" on just got published. The article is about ways to gather information to troubleshoot and debug RDS deployments using Windows Server 2012.

In this article we will look at some ways of collecting valuable information for troubleshooting issues in RDS environments when running Windows Server 2012 (up until now Windows Server 8 Beta…”

“…The different roles that are part of the Remote Desktop Services Platform have several log files, trace files and also event logs where information, statuses and errors are stored. This information can be rather useful when troubleshooting an installation or configuration.

The main part of this article will be around a log file that contains information about the installation and configuration process. This log file is called RDMSDeploymentUI.txt. You can find this log file…”

Read the complete article here:

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