Wednesday, June 6, 2012

RDS Team Blog: Follow-up to Microsoft Security Advisory 2718704: Why and How to Reactivate License Servers in Terminal Services and Remote Desktop Services

imageNew communication around the Security Advisory 2718704, related to the Licensing of Terminal Services and Remote Desktop Services, was published on the RDS Team blog yesterday. Details see below:

“…Given the recent communications from the Microsoft Security Response Center regarding measures taken by Microsoft to address the risk of unauthorized software certificate signatures associated with “Flame” malware, we wanted to share information describing how this impacts license servers in Terminal Services and Remote Desktop Services.

This change requires no specific action on the part of the Terminal Services or Remote Desktop Services administrator unless the administrator needs to set up a new or reactivate an existing Terminal Services license server or Remote Desktop license server, or install a new client access license (CAL) pack on a license server.

In conjunction with Microsoft placing certificates into the Windows Untrusted Certificate Store through Windows Update, we updated our certificates in the Microsoft Product Activation Clearinghouse. The update of certificates in the Microsoft Product Activation Clearinghouse requires customers to reactivate their license server before performing any administration activity that interacts with the Microsoft Product Activation Clearinghouse—even if the Windows Update was not installed.

If you do need to reactivate a license server or add a new CAL pack, the information below provides details on how to do so…”

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