Wednesday, August 12, 2015

New Azure RemoteApp client supporting pinning to local Start Menu / Start Screen is now publicly available!

We have been waiting for this one!

In April We were given a first look at a new feature of the Azure RemoteApp client. Also see Azure RemoteApp: First look at pinning Azure RemoteApp shortcuts to the Start Screen! This allows pinning a RemoteApp to your local Start Screen and means that you no longer need to constantly switch to the Azure RemoteApp client to a launch a RemoteApp. In fact, after the initial sign in, you can even close the client and still launch a RemoteApp directly from the Start Screen.

Benny Tritsch and I had also performed a demo of this feature while it was still in private beta at the BriForum 2015 Conference in London last May, during our session called “Unfolding the Azure RemoteApp Magic

The feature is now publicly available! If you open the Azure RemoteApp client, the click once application will automatically update.


And after you log on, you will be presented with a note in the client stating “Find all your apps in the Start menu All apps list”


The RemoteApp applications are now available and ready to launch from the local Start Menu. In my case Windows10, but this is also supported for Windows 8 and Windows 7.


From here the shortcuts can be pinned to the Start Menu as desired.


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