Monday, November 23, 2015

My session on RDS / Azure RemoteApp at the ExpertsLive 2015 event

Last week was ExpertsLive, a big IT Pro community event focusing on the Microsoft Platform, held in Ede, The Netherlands. With over 40 breakout sessions divided into 7 parallel tracks with national and international speakers, and over 1200 attendees it was a great event!

IMG_7085I presented a session on RemoteApp on Azure IaaS vs Azure RemoteApp. In this demo heavy session I presented a comparison on both the administrator as well as the end user experience of both technologies.

I had a full house during the session, great turn up, good questions as well as great, more in depth, discussions afterwards. I had a fun time presenting there. Huge thanks goes out to the ExpertsLive team for putting the event together.



If you have attended ExpertsLive you should receive a downlink soon which allows you to download all slide decks of the event, including mine. My session was presented in Dutch, but I have received several requests for an English rerun of the session. I’m currently looking at options to perform a webinar covering that rerun. If you are also interested, let me know!


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  1. Hello dear, I am glad that your event went well and I wish you all the success in life. I am also going to attend Chicago corporate events this week and hoping that I will get some good business ideas there.