Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Slide deck ExpertsLive 2015 event available for download

The slide decks from the sessions presented at ExpertsLive 2015 last week are available for download. Here is a direct link to the slide deck from my session called RemoteApp on Azure Iaas vs Azure RemoteApp:

Slide deck RemoteApp on Azure IaaS vs Azure RemoteApp


The last slide contained links to TechNet Gallery scripts & documentation, for easy access I pasted the URL’s here that I shared in the session:

About Azure RemoteApp

Manage users in Azure RemoteApp based on Active Directory groups

Clean Azure RemoteApp orphaned RDSH objects from Active Directory

Automatic Scaling of Remote Desktop Session Hosts in Azure Virtual Machines
RDS in IaaS ARM Template

Desktop Hosting Reference Architecture & Deployment | Azure

Vote for Azure RemoteApp improvements

Azure RemoteApp LinkedIn group

Remote Desktop Services LinkedIn group

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