Monday, May 25, 2020

Test driving Igel OS with WVD Spring 2020 update!

Igel has released a new (private preview) version of Igel OS which supports Windows Virtual Desktop Spring 2020 update!
This release of Igel OS now supports both the Fall 2019 as well as Spring 2020 Update feeds. The client enumerates both feeds and shows them in one single overview. The screenshot below shows the resources coming from Spring 2020 Update webfeed. Both RemoteApps and Desktops are available coming from 2 different Workspaces.
In this release they also added a new cool feature. The Igel OS WVD client now shows live previews of sessions! The screenshot below shows this functionality. Here we see a live preview of a RemoteApp session as well as two different Full Desktop sessions. This allows me for super fast switching between sessions!
Even more cool, a single right-click on the published Application or Desktop does a instant user logon for that published resource without actually connecting to it in full screen. So I stay within the Igel OS WVD client and with 3 simple right-clicks I can launch resources in the above screenshot and watch the logon sequence of all three. I like it!
I shot a quick video to show this functionality in action. I used a Surface Pro with a Igel UD Pocket (UDP), a super small and portable “thin client” which allows me to USB boot any device or thin client and convert into an Igel OS device. The Igel UDP is so small that I attached a key cord to not loose it :).
And here is the Igel OS WVD spring 2020 Update client in action. It’s a quick video, not focussing on the image quality but purely to show the new functionality.
If you are also interested in test driving the private preview version reach out to Fredrik Brattstig, Technology Evangelist at Igel.

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