Friday, March 2, 2012

MVP Summit 2012, great experience!

Can't believe the MVP Summit 2012 is already over. It went by in a flash but it was a great event. It was good to meet my fellow (RDS) MVP's in person as well as meeting people from the RDS product team!

There were lot's of sessions with the RDS product group and with my fellow (RDS) MVP's. Great discussions and very interesting topics. Some of the details discussed are under NDA of course, but there are a lot of new features introduced in the Beta compared to the pre-beta. Since Windows Server 8 Beta was released Wednesday those features are not under NDA anymore so expect some new blog posts coming up here on those subjects!

Apart from the sessions, many additional events were being held throughout the week, a welcome reception, product group dinner, a great closing party at the CenturyLink field stadium! It’s been an awesome week!

I want to thank Microsoft for great Summit!
Hopefully I will be here next year!

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