Wednesday, March 7, 2012

RDS in Windows Server 8 (Beta) Feature Highlights

Windows Server 8 Beta is available since last week. I've already set up Windows Server 8 Beta in my lab to test some of the new features for Remote Desktop Services. Coming up on this blog is a series of at least 7 "Feature Highlight" blog posts in which I will discuss some of the great new features for RDS in Windows Server 8.

I'll update this blog post along the way as new feature highlight blog posts by adding links of the newly added blog posts. You can expect frequent updates, stay tuned!

Feature highlight no. 1 "Better High Availability of the RD Connection Broker"

Feature highlight no. 2 "RD Dedicated Redirector now part of RD Connection Broker"

Feature highlight no. 3 "Change password option in RD WebAccess"

Feature highlight no. 4 "Installing RDSH prior to a scenario based deployment, no requirement anymore"

Feature highlight no. 5 "E-mail subscription for Remote Apps"

Feature highlight no. 6 "Demo environment within just a few minutes"

Feature highlight no. 7 "SSL configuration made easy"

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