Friday, March 16, 2012

RDS in WIN8 Feature highlight no. 7 SSL configuration made easy.

RDS in WIN8 Feature highlight no. 7  SSL configuration made easy.

If you ever had to set up or configure certificates for a Remote Desktop Services environment based on Windows Server 2008 (R2), you’ve probably dealt with having to setup certificates in many different places on many different machines running the various RDS roles. With Windows Server 8 (Beta) SSL certificate management has been made much easier for the administrator.

If you open up the server manager en browse to “Remote Desktop Services” from the left pane and select “Collections” you have the ability to choose “Edit Deployment Properties”.

A dialog will appear in which we select “Certificates”. Using this dialog we can actually setup the SSL certificate for the Redirector, publishing and RD Web Access all from the same console!


  1. Informative Post. Thanks for highlight no 7 configuration for SSL certificate. Your Blog has just made it easy to get installed on RDS in WIN8

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  2. Thank you for your Post.
    I've installed an RDS Farm at a customer. It's is all working fine, but i still get the warning message on all Clients, that the Publisher is not trusted.

    What i've done:
    I have imported the ssl-certificate with the web Access farm Name, which is from the internal CA. I also signed the RemoteApp Files with this certificate. The Internal Root CA is trusted from all Client. I also get the warning when i Import the certificate directly in the "Trusted Root Certificate Authority" on the Client. The GPO from 2008 to
    distribute the thumbprint of the certificate is also not working. Now, i'm running out of ideas. Even the Microsoft Support can't help me.
    Maybe you no another Solution to get rid of this message?

    Regards Patrick